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An Important Task for 2010

by Tim Cole

One of the major challenges of the time period in which we live is how to instruct children regarding sexual issues, in the midst of a culture that is so extremely sexualized. In sharp contrast to the few minutes a day most kids spend, in meaningful conversation with their parents, they are spending 5-7 hours a day being exposed to the media, and it's sexualized values. This has strongly influenced the 30-40% of Japanese high schoolers, and 50~60 % of college students who have experienced sex, and contributed to  the problems of unwanted pregnancies and STDs that go along with such sexual activity.

Beginning in the late 1980's, spurred on by the AIDS crisis,  the Japan Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare, began introducing Comprehensive Sex Education into public schools, in the form of "AIDS Education".  Some distinctives of Comprehensive Sex Education are:

1) emphasis on young people's rights to sexual self-determination.
2) sex education for the purpose of risk reduction (i.e. "Safer Sex").
3) the denigration of traditional marriage, family, and parenting. 

Meanwhile, various reproductive rights organizations have poured their efforts into indoctrinating school teachers, medical workers, and counselors with the Comprehensive Sex Ed. philosophy, to the point that it's approach has become the default model for teachers and parents concerned about kids' sex education. The sad results of this  kind of "Safer Sex" education are well-documented

In FFJ's seminars, after pointing out these issues, we are often asked to recommend sex education books for children which are not in conflict with biblical values. But we have yet to find such resources in Japanese with which we are satisfied. It is for this reason that one of our priority projects for 2010 is the development of a book for parents to use to help their children gain a biblical perspective on sexuality and sexual morality. The main points to be emphasized are:

1) that our sexual nature is rooted in God's nature, and we are most blessed when live it out according to His design.
2) that in God's design, "sex" and "life-bearing" are inseparably intertwined, such that the sanctity of life is foundational to any teaching on sexuality.
3) that sex is only one of several kinds of essential relational bonds God has given to mankind. It is the only one exclusive to the intimacy and commitment of marriage.
4) that parents are best equipped to judge what kinds of information each of their children need, and to communicate that information appropriately.

Our goal is complete this book by the summer of 2010. We would appreciate your prayers for its smooth completion.

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